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Italian passport 2021

Request of new passport: where to submit it

Basically, there are two legally recognized ways to submit a new passport application. The printed one has to be sent to the authorized offices such as those of the Police, but also those of the Carabinieri corps, Police headquarters, Municipality and Post offices.

As an alternative, you can complete the first part of the online paperwork through the State Police website that from few years, allows to reserve an appointment at the nearest Police station.

In this way, it’s possible to avoid queues at the offices, but to complete the procedure and get the passport you must go to the police station with all the necessary documents.

So, how to speed up times ?

All you have to do is connect to The State Police Online Electronic Passport ( and sign up following all the requested information. At the end of the process you will be able to reserve the date to request the passport.

Documents and costs of passport

What are the costs expected to request the passport in 2021, moreover what are the binding documents?

You will need necessarily the form of the passport application duly complete, the original identity card and a photocopy, two photo cards sized 4×4 and a copy of the payment on the bank account number 67422808, addressed to the Ministry of Economy and Finance – Department of the treasure.

The description of payment is “Amount for the issue of the electronic passport” and you can use the pre-filled form available at all post offices.

In addition, at the office, you will have to pay another € 73.50 for the administrative costs of passport issuance, while the payment of the tax stamp of € 40.29 has been abolished.

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